Client Services

We work in partnership with sporting and other community organisations and businesses to make applications for funding for equipment, training, infrastructure and other programs that improve their competitiveness, sustainability and self-reliance. Our work contributes to the well-being of regional communities.

Grants4U works with

  • sporting and recreation organisations,
  • disability services,
  • aged care services,
  • arts and cultural organisations, schools,
  • local governments,
  • youth and seniors groups
  • community agencies

What we do

  • Develop strategic, business and project plans,
  • Source philanthropic and government funding,
  • Prepare and submitting grant and tender winning applications,
  • Manage awarded grants.

Our values

Our values govern the way we relate to our clients and stakeholders and to each other. They are the foundation for our work.

  • Professionalism-we will deal competently with our clients and stakeholders
  • Respect -we will be sensitive to the needs of others and to diverse beliefs and opinions
  • Openness -we will be accessible and will communicate clearly
  • Fairness -we will be objective and unbiased in the advice we provide
  • Integrity - we will be accountable and observe sound business practices in accordance with Australian Consumer Law and other legislation.

Our service promise

We will provide high quality professional services and advice to you. We will

  • provide clear, accurate and timely information and advice
  • include contact names and phone numbers in our correspondence
  • consult appropriately in the preparation of a submission
  • be effective and efficient in the delivery of our services
  • monitor our performance and look for ways to improve our services.