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Did you know that in Australia, millions of dollars worth of government, philanthropic and corporate funding is available to grow small businesses, sporting clubs, community agencies and not-for-profit establishments? Many people don't realise that their club, business or organisation could be eligible for this support; others simply don't have the time, resources or expertise to manage the application process.

Grants4U can assist you in identifying which grants and funding opportunities are available to your business or organisation, and also help you prepare effective funding proposals to maximise your opportunities for success.

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Woman success in business
Woman success in business
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Furthermore, we offer assistance with writing tender applications, business and project planning, other strategic development processes and more - contact us for more details! Our work will present your organisation or business in the most accurate, succinct and professional manner possible. From simply advising you on your funding proposal to writing the complete submission depending on your needs, we will ease your organisation through the often laborious application process and let you get back to your core business activities.

Funding for community and business - let us do it 4 U!